berühmte Persönlichkeiten und ihre Siamkatze

Liz Taylor und Siamkatze
Liz Taylor is well known for her love of animals. She
had several Siamese over the years. It is said she gave James
Dean a Siamese as a gift.

James Deans Siamkatze Marcus

James Dean’s cat, Marcus, a gift from Elizabeth Taylor. The night before his fateful crash,
Jimmy gave the cat to a girlfriend to watch while he was away racing.Olivia de Haviland mit Siamkatzen

British actor Olivia de Havilland sits on the floor holding three Siamese cats, circa 1950. (Photo by Pictorial Parade/Getty Images) by Pictorial Parade,Sunday January 1st, 1950, reference: 2658110 from

When Olivia de Havilland was appearing in Pittsburgh on tour as the heroine of George Bernard Shaw’s Candida, CATS Magazine learned that one of Miss de Havilland’s most devoted travelling companions was Catherine, her Siamese cat.

Laya Raki mit Siamkatzenkindern

7th November 1953: German-Javanese actress and dancer Laya Raki with a litter of Siamese kittens. Original Publication: Picture Post – 6783 – How To Photograph Cats – pub. 1953 (Photo by George Douglas/Picture Post/Getty Images), by George Douglas, Saturday November 7th, 1953, reference: 3399775, from

Vivien Leigh und ihre Siamkatze

1946: British stage and screen actress Vivien Leigh (1913 – 1967) at home in Chelsea with her Siamese cat ‚New‘. (Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images), by Keystone Features, Tuesday January 1st, 1946, reference: 3380255, from
Vivien’s handsome Siamese cat that always traveled with the actress. Larry purchased an elegant Parisian collar ornamented with small gilt bells for New. Unfortunately, New was run over by a car.
It is said that Vivien had more then a dozen cats in her
various homes. Poo Jones, her Siamese, was with her when she passed away.

Erna Morena und Siamkatze

Schauspielerin Erna Morena mit ihrer Siamkatze

Lombard and Gable with a pair of siamese kittens
Carole Lombard relaxing with Clark Gable and a pair of Siamese kittens.

Patricia Medina with Champion Hollywood ChampagnePatricia Medina with Champion Hollywood Champagne bred by Irene Bjerring

Susan Ford and her Siamese Cat

Susan Ford fom „The White House“ in Washington and her Siamese cat, Shan Shein, pose for People Magazine.

Amy Carter with Siamese Cat
President Carter’s daughter Amy with Siamese Cat Misty
Malarky Ying Yang

Ginsberg und seine Siamkatze

Allen Ginsberg ( american poet) carries on his shoulder a Siamese Cat
January 9, 1960

Jane Mansfield

Siamese Jayne is posing with belonged to her good friend,columnist, May Mann. She was filmed holding May’s Siamese in the low budget film „The Las Vegas Hillbillies“

Keith Moon and his wifes siamese cat

Keith Moon (Drummer from „The Who“) and his wife’s Siamese cat, Fudge

Corbet und Siamkatze

Author Kelly Corbet relaxes at home next to a framed picture of her son, Nolan. She also plays mom to her Siamese cat, Oscar.

beth hapegood and siamese cat

Beth Hapgood (1918- ) was the daughter of the diplomat and writer Norman Hapgood and his wife Elizabeth Reynolds.

Georg Fraser und Siamkatze
George Fraser reading at the house of Christmas Humphries. Paddy Fraser is visible in the background with a siamese cat.

Sophia Loren und Siamkatze
Sophia Loren

Anna Pavlova und ihre Siamkatze

Anna Pavlova

Ava Gardener mit Artie Shaw’s SiamkatzenAva Gardener mit Artie Shaw’s Siamkatzen

Lilli Palmer and Siamese
Lilli Palmer with Siamese Cat Pyewacket appearing on Broadway in „Bell Book and Candle“ 1951.

James Steward with Siamese Cat
James Stewart from Bell, Book, and Candle 1958

Haley Mills with Siamese Syn
Haley Mills with Syn from Disney movie „That Darn Cat“ 1965

Dean Jones with Syn
Dean Jones with Syn from Disney movie „That Darn Cat“ 1965

Anna May Wong
Anna May Wong, Schauspielerin, mit Siamkatze

Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery. This is a studio photo from Bewitched. Elizabeth also owned a Siamese named Zip-Zip.

Claudette Sorel with Siamese Cat
Pianistin Claudette Sorel

Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa


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